Deborah Hall(non-registered)
Hard to choose favorites, will keep checking back to see your newest pics, thank you!
Kristen Sohlberg(non-registered)
These photos are exquisite! The colors, the composition! Thank you for sharing!!!!
Chad Bloom(non-registered)
Your perspective and attention to capturing the moment is amazing. Having spent time in Kenya I really appreciated your African shots but every one of the others was amazing. A still shot gives us the time to look at God's beauty of creation. I have looked at each photo and tried to take in everything that is so amazing in God's grace. Thank you for letting me see exactly what you observed. I feel as if I was there. Your photography is amazing.
Chris Chema(non-registered)
Some very nice shots here Curt! Photography had always been somewhat of a hobby of mine, I'm sure I could use some tips.. And a much nicer camera.. But you have given me inspiration to get back out there and try again! Thanks
Shelly Chema(non-registered)
I am proud to say that the talented photgrpher taking all these amazing photos is my brother in-law. I never knew he had this much talent. Oh sure, he was always forced to take the "family" photo when we all got together, but never did I see what talent he was really capable of until I saw these. WOW!! Well Done, Curt, well done!
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