Howdy! I'm Curt Weidner. In 1979 I earned a degree in Biology and was given my first SLR camera for graduation. I instantly fell in love with photography and have been able to blend my academic background along with a love of being outdoors into a passion for capturing the beauty of God's creation for most of my adult life (sometimes my day job has gotten in the way.) My approach to photography is the same as life in general. The journey is as important as the destination. Hence the name "ImageTrek". I enjoy the pursuit to capture a great photo as much as I do displaying the final product.

On that journey, starting in northern Rockies, around the world in 24 years of military service and back to Montana since 1999 I've had the opportunity to see and photograph some incredible scenes. In that time I've collected more photos than I'd ever be able to display on the walls in my house or even a fine art nature gallery.

Therefore, at the encouragement of friends and family I'm putting up a website to share my photos. I've picked out my favorites from Africa, the Hawaiian Islands and the Rocky Mountains. I chose these three locations because, one, I love these places. Being out in nature in any one of them is literally a religious experience and two, they are each unique. From the dusty plains of the Serengeti, to the lush tropics of Hawaii to the mountain grandeur of the western US and Canada each displays radically different wildlife and vistas.

Lastly, not every one of these photos is mine. Most people who enjoy photography even casually have a couple GREAT shots worth showing off to the world but most don't want to go to the time, effort and expense to put up a website like this to display them. Part of my vision for this effort was to be able to show the images of friends and if any sell they get all the profits. First in this effort was Peter Lambdin has graciously agreed to let me show a couple his great shots from Tanzania, Africa.

So, I invite you to come along on my "Image Trek" and enjoy the views with me. I'm always looking for constructive feedback and good conversation. If you're looking for a scene you don't see displayed here, you have a question about the story behind one of the images or want to share a story or photo of your own please let me know.

Thanks, Curt