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Created 9-Dec-12
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Lioness 2 In Long Grass
Summer morning reflection of sky and trees on a pond at the Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge, Stevensville, MontanaNative America Pow Wow dancer's costume Arlee, MTSingle Sunlit Arrowleaf Balsamroot flower against backdrop of other flowersorch swing in an oak tree displaying fall colors along the Blackfoot river, MTBumble bee on a purple thistle at Lee Metclaf Wildlife Refugee, MTOrange and black butterfly on gravel stream bed Thompson Falls, MTCheetah on a termite mound Serengeti Tanzania AfricaCresent Moon, Venus, Saturn, Orion Aug 12 1Elephant Mom, Sis and New Born Baby Tarengeri Park Tanzania SerengetiField of wild clover with mountains in the background near Ft Steel, BCField of wild flowers with mountains in the background near Ft Steel BCAn angry wave smashes ahore on the Big island, HISmall tropical waterfall thru lush vegatation on the Big Island HIOrange God-Light Sunset thru the clouds over KauaiBlue wave arches into a tight right curl Lawai Beach Kauai, HIRed clouds highlight a sunset over Lawai Beach, Kauai, HIGolden orange sunset silhouettes palm trees Lawai Beach, Kauai, HICotonwood trees around a pond form a mirored relectionGreen-eyed Leopard in tree on the Serengeti of Tanzania, AfricaLioness lays in wait in the long grass

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